Executive Coaching & Work Place Mediation

We provide professional, thought-provoking and inspirational coaching to individual clients and organisations 

Reach your maximum potential

Restoring constructive dialogue and team cohesion when disputes arise


Coaching empowers individuals to understand and develop their self-awareness and emotional intelligence promoting more effective leadership and, therefore, respect and profitability from staff and coworkers.

Coaching gives us greater insight and understanding of others.  Often, as is the case with most areas of our lives, failings can arise from misunderstood situations and communications.  Coaching helps improve communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as how to cope with challenging staffing situations.

Coaching helps facilitate the path to our future self, by bringing clarity to career and life goals and from there understanding and developing key skills needed to achieve such goals.


Mediation offers external non-judgemental conflict resolution.


Whether opinions have become uncomfortably divided, or disagreement and conflict has embedded itself between individuals, within a team or involving an organisation as a whole, emotions can run high.  This can lead to increased anxiety and stress.  These adverse reactions can lead to stress-related absenteeism, poor performance and increased employee turnover with great to cost to the organisation.

Often the solution is to appoint a manager or senior staff member to help resolve this conflict, however, not all parties may see this as fair and a satisfactory conclusion.  Mediation helps to resolve this by offering an external and, therefore, unbiased and confidential environment in which to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.